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In Jax Horizon Veterinary Imaging we believe is time to make advanced animal care affordable for every client, our new medical bus is here to help either practitioners or clients.



We are a mobile service traveling around Jacksonville and Florida.

Computed Tomography


Cross-sectional imaging which allows improved evaluation of areas of complex anatomy. Highly recommended but non limited to neurology, pneumology or internal medicine. Starting at $550.

Echography / Ultrasound


Ultrasound uses very high frequency sound waves that are pulsed into the body, and the returning echoes are then analyzed. Starting at $75.



Real-time imaging of structures in motion. Ideally but non limited to tracheal or esophagus studies. Starting at $350.

X Rays / Radiology


The X-rays are projected through the body onto a detector; an image is formed based on which rays pass through versus those that are absorbed or scattered in the patient.



We do offer a variety of soft tissue surgeries (ex Cesarean sections, pyometra, cystotomy, gastrointestinal foreign body) for cats and dogs, for large animals or exotics we can help finding  the best referral.

Mobile Veterinarian


Our well equipped medical bus is designed to travel an assist practitioner or pet owners even if they need diagnostics or surgical procedures. Online pharmacy available too. Starting at $75.




Jax Horizon Advanced Imaging is operated by Yoan Corrales DVM. Dr. Corrales graduated from the University of Havana Cuba in 2006. He worked 3 years as a professor of Pathophysiology at the same university. In 2009, Dr. Corrales opened his own practice focusing more on Abdominal Ultrasounds, by 2015 his company owned 3 hospitals in total. After immigrating to the US in 2016, he initially worked 2 years as a veterinary technician, obtaining his DVM license in 2018 and working as a DVM for 3 more years. In 2020, Jax Horizon opened its doors to people.

Many research has indicated that a pet may need advanced imaging 1-3 times throughout its life for various reasons. Computed Tomography (also known as CAT Scan, CT Scan, axial tomography), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (also known as MRI), ultrasound (also known as US, sonogram, echography), Fluoroscopy, endoscopy; are all variants of these.



We are a Mobile Service, please contact us and we will travel to you.


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